About this Catholic Girl

So, a little bit about me.  First of all I am a good Catholic girl.  Well, okay, not always.  But at the very least I was raised to be a good Catholic girl.

My parents worked extremely hard and sacrificed many things in order to send me and my sister to Catholic school.  We were a middle class family and even though it put strains on my Mom & Dad they were determined to provide us with a sound and solid Catholic school education.   From Kindergarten through 8th grade I attended St. Paul’s School in Highland Park, NJ, my Dad’s alma mater and where I had Catholicism drummed in to my body, mind and my (hopefully saved) soul.  After grammar school I went on to St Pius X High School in Piscataway, NJ.

I was the epitome of the good little Catholic school girl.  I wore the uniforms.  Took religion classes.  Attended First Friday mass.  Did the Stations of the Cross.  Got the ashes on Ash Wednesday.  Gave up fish on Fridays during Lent.  Went to confession.  Said my prayers.  Got my homework in on time.  And had the nuns scare the shit out of me.

Overall Catholic school taught me a lot and I am not just talking about Jesus and Geometry.  I credit my Catholic school experience as a whole for making me the rounded, disciplined and jubilant person that I am today.

While I haven’t practiced my religion religiously, the basic structure and lessons from my Catholic upbringing permeate my day to day life but not in the way you would think.

Yes, I know that following God’s Ten Commandments is good and all.  But how I use my Catholicism now is my way of keeping myself happy and healthy.

Drinks anyone

Happy.  I like to drink.  I like to eat.  On occasion I drink to much.  On occasion I eat too much.  I like to go on vacation and eat and drink too much.  I like to stay out late and I like to sleep in.

Healthy.  I know because I like to drink and eat and stay out and sleep in I need to balance that out.  I exercise religiously (pun intended) 3-5 days a week for 1- 2 hours a day.  I also know that because come Friday and Saturday I will go out and stay out means Monday – Thursday I need to be in.  And I have also figured out through much research and experiment, the best ways to renew and repair your body before the next trip to Sodom and Gomorrah.

So, in the words of the Catholic Girl Diet my life is a constant and glorious cycle of sin, repent, sin, repent, sin, repent.

In 2004 at the age of 37 I lost 35 lbs and have managed to keep it off all the while living my life and learning the delicate balance of knowing that if I am going to be a sinner while on vacation in Mexico I better be a Saint the week before and the week after.  Well, maybe not a Saint but at least working on the beatification.

Sin and repent.  Sin and repent.

I am certainly not a prophet but if you come along with me I will show you exactly how I go out and order the healthier choice when it comes to drinks and food.  I will show you how to repair the damage you may have done after one too many of the less than healthier choices.  And most importantly I will show you how to get over the guilt.  The guilt that can undo any progress you make or maintain in living a full life.  And just like any good Catholic you can remedy your mistakes by making your confession and doing your penance.

Sin and repent.  Sin and repent.

Not a Bad Before

Not a Bad Before

...But a better after

…But a better after