Bubbling Over

I love champagne.  I love proseco.  I love cava.  I love any kind of sparkling wine.  The only problem I have with these effervescent little elixirs is that when you open a bottle you pretty much have to commit to drinking the whole bottle.

Now normally I can finish off a bottle of any varietal but the beauty of opening a bottle of wine is that you can always cork it if you are feeling less naughty than normal and this doesn’t hurt the wine too much.  And even though there are vacuum corks specifically designed to save your bubbly I just feel they simply do not work.  Does it work when you try to restick a band-aid?  It kind of does but it’s not really the same.

But lately there have been a few purveyors of that sparkling  delight that have come to my aid by making single servings of sparkling wine.

Flirty and Bubbly Just Like Me

Francis Ford Coppola’s winery has a wonderful sparkling wine named for his daughter Sophia.  And, as if it were especially for me, Mr Coppola offers Sophia sparkling wine not only by the traditional bottle but also in a 4 pack of pearly pink petite cans.  A lovely bonus is that each can comes with its own bendy straw which makes it fun to drink on the go (Wow, I can’t believe I just said that) or keeps you from ruining your lipstick.

The wine itself is quite good.  Crisp and catching.  Lively, lovely and light. And at roughly $20 a really good buy.

So next time you feel like popping a bottle of champagne try cracking the can instead.

Just don’t drink all four as this defeats the purpose.

Which, of course is something I NEVER did.

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