Bump Night

For the longest time Wednesdays have been known as “Hump Days”.  The signal that you have reached mid-week and have inched that much closer to the weekend but only if you can…just… get…over…the…hump of Wednesdays.  Now with the arduous trek through Monday and Tuesday behind you, all that lies ahead to get through is Thursday and Friday.  And on Friday, if you have the stamina, you can hear that 5 o’clock whistle bellowing as though the trumpets of heaven are guiding you home.

So if you choose to see Wednesday as the hump you must get over then how, pray tell, is the best way of  to summit this  Wednesday?

Just turn “Hump Day” into a “Bump Night”.

Hubby and I started this tradition a few years ago.  Every Wednesday we go out whenever we can or need to.  Wednesday nights are the perfect night to go out for a drink or even drinks and dinner and here’s why.  You know it is a school night with 2 days of curriculum left to go so you don’t over do it.  It gives you a chance to breathe deep and decompress after the first bursts of the work week.  And it  gives you a way to slow the roll, pump your brakes and not try so hard to just to muscle your way through the week.

Bump Nights usually come in to play right as the weather starts to turn nice .  To quote Shakespeare Sonnet 18, “summer’s lease hath all too short a date”, so no sense wasting a beautiful day indoors watching tv.  We have all winter to do that.  And, in all honesty, when it is cold and snowy I am hard pressed to leave the comfy cozy confines of my condo.  But when that first whisper of spring hits, the sun is warm on my arms, the air and scene around me is green, then get me a glass of sauvigon blanc and an outdoor cafe to sip it at.

Hubby and I had our first official Bump Night a week ago.  Normally we are red wine drinkers but we ordered a bottle of white knowing we can only drink so much of it, ergo keeping us in the “Thursday and Friday left to get up and go for” mode.  We had a lovely bottle of white and ordered 3 appetizers to share.  We had the waiter bring them out one at a time in an effort not to rush.  We took in the view and soaked up the sun.

Now for those of you that know me, I don’t really need an excuse to drink.  But I do need an excuse to lighten up my sadistic weekday regime and give myself the okay to enjoy the glorious days of summer and ponder the real reason why we are here.  Life is a gift meant to be savored and enjoyed, like wine, like conversation.  Life is not to be blasted through like a 530am workout.

It’s funny how so many of us just focus on Friday and work so hard to get there ignoring all the other precious days.  If you knew you were dying or even had a disease, like cancer that had the potential to cut your life short, would you be in such a rush to end a Monday quickly because it gets you that much closer to Friday.

Today is Thursday.  Dan & I had a Bump Night last night.  We each had two drinks at an outdoor cafe, came home, popped a bottle of white and made and had dinner outside.  We came in at 9pm, watched an episode of “The Wire” (fucking genius show) and were in bed at our normal hour.

Another Bump Night success.

My only fear now is that we begin to like white too much and my strategy goes all to hell.

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