Calendar Girl

Well here we are.  One month in to the new year and eleven more months to go.  By now most of us are in the thick of winter.  Some of us holed up inside away from this crazy weather sweeping the country.  It’s also this time of year I think most of us we are looking forward to and planning ski holidays, spring breaks, summertime, and so on.

As you start looking at the year ahead take time to look at your year in health.

It’s usually at this time of year that I start reviewing and making appointments for my yearly check ups.  Most of the time when  I make the yearly treck to my eye doctor, OB/GYN, breast health center for my mammogram, dentist (twice yearly) I usually make the next appointment on the way out.  During the time between if something comes up I have found it always easier to reschedule.  This is because if it is not on your schedule it doesn’t exist.

One reason I am so manic about  hubby and I hitting our yearly doctor appointments is because of my father.  For those of you who read my blog you know that my Dad died of cancer.  My Dad was always the type to “walk it off” when it came to pain or injury, never would admit he was sick and as his left side drooped and his words started to slur he wouldn’t even admit he was having a stroke.  When he noticed this lump growing on his neck he just thought it was a pulled muscle and he would let it heal itself.  But that pulled muscle was a tumor.

It was after his diagnosis and in the midst of his battle that he told me to take care of my health.  To be persistent in maintaining it.   While my father advised me not to become a hypochondriac but that you should never let something bothering me go.  He also said, and here’s a duh moment, you pay for the insurance so use it.

Now I know that doctor visits cost money.  But in the end it is so much cheaper to avoid a problem then have to deal with one.  And as far as spending the money goes taking care of your health, your longevity, your family, your fun, well it is the best investment you can make.

So first make a list of all check ups you need then start calling your physicians.  And don’t just pencil them in.  Write them in ink and make them a permanent part of your life.

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