December Playlist

As you can tell I haven’t posted in awhile because I, like everyone else,  got caught up in the holiday broo-haha.  Why is it the minute we have cleared the Thanksgiving dishes off the table we start racing to Christmas?  It seems as though the moment our calendars turn to Black Friday we come off the blocks sprinting all the way to Christmas Eve.  And I am not just talking about shopping.  It is the parties, school functions, church functions as well as visiting friends that consume our time and attention this time of year.  It’s easy to feel like there aren’t enough days until Christmas and while that might be true just remember there are always enough hours in a day to get your workout in

At this time of year I find that getting your workout in is more crucial then ever and there are several reasons for me feeling so strongly.  Exercising around  and straight through the holidays helps burn off the Christmas cookies and several rounds of eggnog you will no doubt consume…several times.  It also helps you stick with the routine that you have developed over the months and keeps you on track when you might feel like you are going off the rails.  Mostly it will help keep you sane.  Taking an hour to burn off steam, realign and breath will not only clear you brain but also recharge it.

I like classes that are peppered with holiday music so I thought I would share a few faves for you to add to your playlist for next few weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve.  I started off my playlist with a song that starts off Christmas for me, Darlene Love singing “Christmas Baby Please Come Home”.  A  happy tradition we have is watching her perform it live every year on David Letterman.  Check your local listings to see when she is on because it is a real treat.  Closing out the playlist is Auld Lang Syne as interpreted by  the Drop Kick Murphy’s.

Hope you all have a happy healthy holiday season!  But not too healthy! I mean hey, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus our Lord!  Cheers to that, Jesus!

  1. Darlene Love – Christmas Baby Please Come Home
  2. Bruce Springsteen – Santa Claus is Coming Town
  3. John Denver & The Muppets-When the River Meets the Sea
  4. Dropkick Murphys – Auld Lang Syne

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