Hello Lycra My Old Friend

Some of my students refer to me as skinny or fit or thin.  And while I appreciate people thinking I am fit and thin the truth is I harbor a dirty, little, tricky-dicky secret.  It’s not that I am really all that thin.  I am a bit pear shaped.  I am a little curvier through the hips, more thigh surface area than I would like, and my calves can almost be called cows.  Overall I am happy with my outside but I have learned a few tricks of the trade when it comes to dressing my body.  And just like we all have slimming secrets for dressing ourselves day to day I have learned to dress for success in the gym.  I have done this by learning to make friends with Lycra.  And, next to your water bottle, lycra (or spandex or elastane or whatever you want to call it) can be your best friend in the gym.

I am particular and picky when it comes to my workout wear.  I like to look cool and sweat hard.  And one way to make your body look better is to look for workout wear that contains the most amount of Lycra, spandex or elastane.

First let’s talk about the difference between Lycra, spandex and elastane.

There is none.

There is no technical difference in between Lycra and spandex. Both Lycra and spandex are the same.   Spandex is simply a generic name of a fiber and Lycra is a spandex product of DuPont company.

Elastane is what the rest of the world outside of the USA call spandex.  Well, of course…the US has to be different.  Meters, litres, yards, gallons, but I digress.

When it comes to Lycra, spandex and/or elastane make sure that when you are shopping for workout wear what you buy has A LOT of it.

I like tights that contain 15-20% of spandex. One of my favorite brands is Onzie.  Onzie offers cutting edge styles, loads of spandex and a price point that won’t bust your budget.  You can visit their site at onzie.com or purchase like I did online at Amazon and nordstroms.com.

Onzie’s also pass my “Butt Test”.  To me, nothing is more annoying than bending over, doing a squat or holding a table pose and my class watching my form but only seeing my undies peaking through some thin layer of fabric.  I am happy to say that Onzie’s pass my Butt Test.  Very little VPL, no see through and most importantly that stay put and don’t creep down exposing my crack.  No one needs to see that.

I implore you to upgrade your workout wear.  As you invest your time, money and energy improving your inside why not invest some money into making your outside look better as well.  When you look good, you feel better.

And when you know you look cool you will want to sweat harder.

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