Love the One You’re With

We just blasted out way through another 4th of July weekend.  And I am sure that, much like us, your weekend was filled with lots of sun, fun, food, friends and drink.

Ah, yes, the drink.

What picnic or backyard barbecue would be complete without  cold beers, minty fresh mojitos, pitchers of sangria and  icy cold glasses of crisp pinot grigios.  So which one did you choose?  Did you go with fruit filled white sangria?  Perhaps the Spanish rose’?  Or did you decide to bounce from drink to drink not making a commitment to anyone?  If you did, well then my friend, you have broken one of my main drinking rules.

When it comes to drinking you pick your drink of the day and stick with it.

It’s simple really.  Love the one your with.

Whenever I’m on holiday or if it is the weekend I generally figure out what kind of a mood I am going to be in that day drink wise.  After I figure out if the day is a tequila day or a wine day or a classic martini Sunday then I make the commitment to stick with that family and marry it.  I never switch up drinks.  I never stray from my beloved.

I can’t explain why but lovin’ the one I’m with has helped me immensely in the hangover department.  The only thing I can liken it to is a bad booze buffet.  And I know that when I eat at a regular buffet (which is hell-ah rare) I end up confusing my stomach and my digestion and then I can’t sleep, I have heartburn and then need a jug of Pepto.  So I think mixing your booze gets your body confused and in to the hurt bag in a hurry.

And if you know you are going to be cocktailing all day long another thing that has helped me to avoid the whiskey flu is to drink at least a glass of water for every alcoholic bev I consume.  I know, I know, conventional wisdom says one to one but while I may not conventional, I am very realistic.  I cannot emphasize what a big difference in how you feel the next day if you remember to keep drinking water.

Today is Friday.  We are entertaining some friends on our boat tonight.  Who will I love tonight?

Right now, I think I am ready to get it on with a rose’.

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