Where I live it can get pretty cold in the winter.  And because it gets so cold I keep my socks on for everything.  I am very much a “socks on” kind of girl. Socks on for just about anything and everything.    Now before you let your minds go into the gutter I am talking specifically about keeping my socks on for Pilates and yoga.  I suppose I take my socks off for some things and maybe that is how I stayed married for nearly three decades.  Knowing when to take my socks off is the key to a happy relationship.  Yeah, marriage is that easy, she says with wry wit.

But I digress.

I am not here to give marital advice and how footwear can make a difference in your relationship.  Well, maybe the right pair of pumps and  thighs highs can add some zest, wait, getting off subject.

Ugh, what I want to talk about today is socks. Yes.  Something as simple as socks.  But these socks are not just your typical little pom pom anklets.  These are socks you can wear for workouts normally done barefoot.

The reason that yoga and Pilates are done in bare feet is so that you don’t slip while holding various pose.  Doing these workouts in socks can not only be a challenge but also a bit dangerous if you find yourself slipping and sliding on your mat .  If you are someone like me that likes to keep her piggies warm, then finding socks with grip soles to get you through your Warrior flow may be what you are looking for.

Another benefit to wearing socks with grip is that they help absorb sweat.  Recently I have been turned on to a new type of yoga called Buti Yoga and you can really get the sweat flowing as you are going.  Wearing socks with a grip keep your feet drier and this can help stabilize you even more.  And if you’re concerned about mat sharing, yoga socks are a great way to keep yourself a bit more germ free.

I am partial to Great Soles Pilates Socks available on Amazon.  They have the proper amount of grip, are not too thick, come in a variety of colors and at $12 a pair are not too bad on the wallet.

If I haven’t sold you on the idea of grip socks let me add this one last little thing.

Wearing socks during yoga and Pilates can also hide the fact that you haven’t had a pedicure in weeks.  I know that even though during yoga class I should be focusing on my Ujjayi breath, if I see some chipped ass polish on my pinky toe then it’s over.  Might as well roll up my mat and head straight to the salon.

If you have a problem with chilly digits, sweaty practices or lack of pedi time then try these socks.  They will really help your Namaste by helping you Nama-stay put.

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