Who Says I Don’t Go Hard?

When it comes to working out I am very particular about equipment.  Today I want to talk about my socks.

Many of you might not think of socks as equipment but I can assure you they are.  It is our feet that get us through a workout, let alone around this world, so why not make sure they have the proper gear.

For me my socks have to be cushy but not fluffy.  Not too thick and not to thin.  My socks have to stay on my ankle because Lord knows I can’t stand stopping and hoisting a slippery sock every 60 seconds.  And lastly my socks have to last because I spent good money on them.

My favorite socks are by Lucy and are the Training Style.  They come in a two pack (not to be confused with Tupac, RIP) and are affordable at $14 for the set.

What I like best about them is they hit all the notes I mentioned before but they also have a really nice arch support, they wash and wear well and, despite the photo, last forever.

Ironically most of us think of socks as a throwaway item.  Something we just pop on our feet and forget.

But for a throwaway item I am hard pressed to find anyone who actually throws away socks.  Seriously, how many odd socks or socks with holes do you have stuffed in your drawer?

For the record the sock pictured went in the garbage.

Which now created a whole other set of problems because now I have the dreaded single sock floating in my sock drawer.

But at least I know it was my own doing.  Not the dryer gremlin.


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