Every Day People?

If you look hard enough there is always a study telling you exactly what you want to hear.  And when it comes to alcohol consumption it is getting easier and easier to find reasons to drink.

Recently I read on The Huffington Post about a study that came out suggesting that downing a few cocktails help boost the memory in adults over 60.  Obviously this doesn’t work on people under 60 because I have been having the opposite problem when I “drinks me beers”.  I seem to have trouble remembering much of anything after a night out but I guess I can chalk that up to my “youth”.

Another interesting study from the Archives of Internal Medicine found that women who drink a couple of glasses of red wine, beer or spirits a day are better at keeping the pounds off than women who do not drink at all.  Researchers in that study found that women who drank the equivalent of one to two drinks a day were less likely to gain weight than non-drinkers.  The study also found that the women consuming alcohol also ate less.  Substituting food calories for booze calories is what I like to call “Drink-orexia”.  For the record I do not condone drink-orexia.  If anything when drinking you should eat more to slow down alcohol absorption and to get a good base layer to sop up the booze woozies.

At first glance all of these reports seem like good news, right?   After all if you look at these reports we can drink ourselves healthy!!

But now let me kill your buzz.  Pun intended.  I think studies that come out exalting the benefits of alcohol are a bit loaded.  Pun intended.

I think many people read these studies and it gives them the blessing to go out and knock back a couple every day.  You know, for their health.

Personally I think drinking is more of a luxury and is NOT something to be done every day.  I know if I did it every day then it would become just another everyday thing.  Like putting in my contacts or flossing.

I don’t believe that anything should be done every day.  For example, I keep my exercise to 5 days a week and my drinking to 4.  Setting a cap on the days I can drink has been one of the ways I not only keep my drinking in check but keep my weight in check as well.  And, yes, while on occasion I may binge on cabernet or cake I still don’t do it every day.

Now I know what you are going to say.  Me limiting my drinking days is just another form of moderation.  And while, yes, my way could be interpreted as moderation I believe it is more about balance.  Plus I don’t preach moderation.  I preach balance.

All that being said tonight is Tuesday I am going out for 1 of my 4 days and for 1 or 2 (most likely 3) cocktails.

The next morning…

It was more like 5 or 6 cocktails.

And I am definitely taking tonight off.


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