Get Out of the Black Box

Recently there was an article  in The Wall Street Journal as well as a segment on Good Morning America that highlighted a band wagon that I recently jumped on.  After enjoying the ride so far I have now decided to lead the charge.

The article with the lengthy title of  “Leggings in Loud Prints Are a Hit and More Flattering Than Most Women Expect” talks about how bright and wild printed leggings are taking over women’s gym wear and the basic black yoga pant is becoming about as scarce as a Pop Tart in my house.  For the record I only keep Pop Tarts on hand in case of a hurricane.  Look it up. When hurricanes threaten apparently Pop Tarts are one of the number one foods to sell out so why not get on that band wagon as well.

Back to the article.

Dubbed in the article as “look at me” prints The Wall Street Journal piece mentions that in addition to these crazy leggings being way more flattering than women think they will be, they are also just more fun .

And fun is also a cause I can get behind.

When it comes to the classes that I teach, I believe that in addition to giving my people a good workout, they need to be fun.  And if some really “out there” capris make me smile as I put my people through 100 crunches then why not.  These crazy legs can not only brighten the room, but also the mood.

I think it is time we start to get out of the black box.  Keep in mind this is coming from a women who in her New York City days had a wardrobe that consisted of black and darker black and who now has branched out into greys and some shades of clay.  So if I can go there I really believe anyone can.

One tip I will give you when it comes to buying printed capris is to look at the percentage of spandex.  15% – 20% is optimal.  And also if you are a print virgin try starting small, literally and figuratively.  Pick a smaller, maybe more conservative print before you go all in by sporting big, yellow bananas all over your pants.

Most importantly have fun with it.  Go a little crazy.  Get out of the black box.

One of my favorite quotes is from Emile Zola  “If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.”

I think we should all live at loud.

And there is no better place to start then with some leggings.

Here are some links to some of my favorite “live out loud” leggings:


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