October Playlist

Even though my favorite of all holidays is coming up, this month’s playlist has nothing to do with Halloween.

Last week I went to see one of the most amazing bands touring today.  The band is The Gaslight Anthem.  And they are amazing.

First to defend my use and/or over use of the word  “amazing” to Louis C. K., I really and for truly mean The Gaslight Anthem is ah-maz-ing.  If you have never seen Louis C. K.’s standup regarding this inescapable adjective click on the link at the end of the page.  The  Louis C.K. shit is amazing.

But I digress.

The Gaslight Anthem is a punk band from New Jersey and what makes them more amazing is that they are from my hood.  As you all know I am off of Exit 10 on the New Jersey Turnpike.  The boys from Gaslight are from Exit 9.  Neighbors, brothers, Central Jersey believers.

The Gaslight Anthem along with Against Me! and The Killers are smaller bands that are so amazingly talented that they deserve to be bigger.

But this is where my problem comes in.

I love these bands so much that I don’t want them to become too big.

I want them to be successful, keep recording, keep touring, and make good scratch, but what if they suddenly exploded?  The next time they tour it won’t be at The Roy, First Avenue, The PNC or any reasonably sized venue where I can get my GA ticket and hustle my way up to the front of the stage.  I may have to miss them because they are playing arenas.  And arenas, are not amazing.  CGD does not go to arena shows.  And what if these faves of mine get bigger and become rock star dicks?  Right now they are still hungry.  Eager to please.  They there because they love what they do.  They are there to go out and play hard, not sleep walk their way through a show so each member can get on a private bus or plane after and let their egos break up the band.

But, alas, ultimately I believe in people achieving success and so this is why I am sharing the music of these amazing bands.

The third song on the playlist especially holds an important part to my fist pumping soul.  The song “We Came to Dance” mentions my hometown of Edison by name and references “that Central Jersey sky”.  Biased I know.  But when you grow up in Jersey and end up the butt of so many jokes, it means a lot to see people publicly stating their pride.

I think I now have made my point that not only do I love The Gaslight Anthem, The Killers and Against Me!, but sometimes the word “amazing” cannot be used often enough.

Take that Louis C. K., you amazing son of a bitch.

1.  Get Hurt – The Gaslight Anthem

2.  Thrash Unreal – Against Me!

3.  We Came to Dance – Gaslight Anthem

4.  When You Were Young – The Killers

5.  That ’59 Sound – The Gaslight Anthem

Louis C. K. Being Fucking Amazing

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