Shox Jock

I recently had a birthday so you know what that means.  I am, literally, not getting any younger.

As I am aging I notice things on me hurt a little more.  Don’t want to admit it, but it’s true.  I still have no trouble keeping up the workouts and instructing my classes but I have learned I rely on 3 things more than ever to get me through my workout week.  And no, one of them is not porn.

The 3 things that get me through the workout week are Ben-Gay, Advil and the right sneakers to protect the knees.

When it comes to any fitness class the right equipment is very important whether you are using  it or wearing it.  And for cardio classes I believe that having the right shoe is really, really important.  No matter what that cardio class is, be it Zumba, Boot Camp or HIIT, you will need a shoe that will absorb the shock of jumping up and down plus give you lateral support for when you move side to side.

For me Nike Shox give me everything I need.  The shoes cushion the impact when I am jumping.  It keeps my foot sturdy when moving laterally.  The fit is snug but not tight.  And, because it counts, they look good.

You can purchase Nike Shox at or at Foot Locker and Lady Foot Locker.  I usually buy 4 pairs on Black Friday Weekend when and have their sales.  The price of Nike Shox is a bit high but since being a Fitness Instructor is what I do for a living I can justify the investment.  And I will make the argument that if you are taking the time to invest in a fitness routine you can make the financial investment to protect your body as well with the right equipment.

But before you go out and buy a years worth of Nike Shox like I do, I strongly advise you to make sure they are the right shoes for you.  Just because I like Nike Shox doesn’t mean you are.  I mean, I like raw clams but that doesn’t mean you will, right?  I like Barry Manilow too.  Doesn’t mean you do or ever will.  And now that you know about my “Barry Love” you may not even value my opinion.  But I needed to be honest.  If I am not honest then how could you ever trust me.

My suggestion would be to try out various brands of sneakers before making a commitment.  Just make sure wherever you purchase from has a forgiving return policy.  Foot Locker and Lady Foot Locker are pretty good with returns but I am pretty sure they don’t want a $100 pair of beat up sneakers returned on day 89 of their 90 day guarantee.

When you do find the one you love don’t be afraid to buy multiple pairs.  My journey to Nike Shox all started when Asics stopped making the gel cross trainer I liked and this sweating Cinderella lost her “class” slipper.  And if there is one thing that can really chap my ass, it’s when a favey product gets discontinued and I need to start from scratch.  Hence my hoarding of Shox.

I just busted out my first fresh pair of Nike Shox for 2015 and I am looking forward to the coming year together.  Another year of jumping as high as ever, spinning with gusto and keeping the knees happy.

And I look forward to another year of getting older.  Because if I am not getting older that means I am dead.  And that would suck.

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